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Nonprofit Fundraising and Donation Management Software for Ms Access
Nonprofit Fundraising and Donation Management Software for Ms Access

Let’s take a look in this fundraising software. It’s perfect for you who run non-profit organization and donations. You can use this access template for managing your subscription and donation for your fundraising campaign or such.


Non Profit Fundraising Members

The first and master menu from this online fundraising software for nonprofits. It is a master menu to input and record your member data.

Fundraising Software for MS Access
Fundraising Software for MS Access

The fields are simple, consist of auto-generated ID, Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Joining Date, and lastly Status fields. Status field can be used as comment field, and is an optional field to fill.


Donation Subscription List

Subscription List is another master menu from this donor management software. There are only 3 fields in this menu: auto-generated Subscription ID, Subscription Description which is the title of the subscription, and Amount of subscription field.


Fundraising Member Subscription

The third menu in this free fundraising software is to record the subscription taken by member of the non profit organization. Divided into two parts, the header is for the member detail.

All the fields in header are auto-generated. It is possible to edit the detail, however it may affect the other records. It is possible to add new member via this menu. Just add new record and input the new name, then it will automatically added in Members menu of this non profit management software.

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Donor Management Software for Nonprofits
Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

In the lower Subscription Details form, you have to select the Subscription form the List. Next, choose the payment date and amount paid. The Year field is optional.
Like the header, it is possible to change the Subscription Description and Amount, but it may affect other records.


Member Donations

If you confuse between the donation and subscription, here is a brief explanation. Donation is the voluntary gift, while subscription is the access of a resource or service in short period of time.

Donation Software for Nonprofits
Donation Software for Nonprofits

In this menu of donation software for nonprofits, its purpose is to managing the donation received by your organization. Like the Member Subscription menu, the header is meant for member detail, auto-generated from Members menu, and possible to be changed. The lower Donation Details form in this free donor management software consists of 3 fields. The Amount Paid and Date Paid are the amount and time of donation received by organization. The comments field is optional field.


Reports for Nonprofits Members Donation

There are two types of the report in this donation software for nonprofits. The first one is Statement of Accounts. First, select the Start and End Date to determine the report period. The report then present the financial accounts from the subscription and donations. The second report is Mailing List report. Hence its name, this is report for listing the names and contacts of members whom take the subscription.

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Review Summary of Nonprofit Fundraising and Donation Management Software

This free donation software is meant for nonprofit organization in managing their fundraising. The main feature is to input, record, and managing the member, subscription list, then received subscriptions and donations. There are 2 types of report: Statement of Accounts report and Mailing List report. You can download this free fundraising software from

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