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MS Access Tab Control in Form Tables or Subform
MS Access Tab Control in Form Tables or Subform

Access Tab Control is mainly used in Form, where it organizes the form with so many controls. With Tab Control, it will possible to add two different tables or subforms into one single form.

Ms Access Tab Control (1)
Ms Access Tab Control (1)

In this tutorial, we will use a sales database, where we need to create a form to display the customer, Product sold to the customer and payment status.
To create Tab Control, follow these steps:
1. Create a new form by go to Create tab > Form Design. If the form already exist, go to the form Design view.
2. In the Blank form design view, start to design the form header.
3. After you are done with the header, now add the tab control in Design tab > Controls group > Tab Controls.

Ms Access Tab Control (2)
Ms Access Tab Control (2)

4. Now, drag to create the Tab Controls. Place it wherever you want to.
5. Click one of the tab. Open Property Sheet (F4). In Property Sheet dialog box, open All tab. In Caption row, rename the tab.
6. To fill the Tab, go to Design tab > Controls group > Subform/Subreport. Create the subform inside the tab by click it. Modify the subform as you wanted to.
7. Refine the subform display in the Tab.
8. When you create Tab Controls, it will provide 2 tabs. To add more tabs, right click one of the existing tab. Click Insert Page. To delete it, click Delete Page instead. You can change the tab order by clicking Page Order.

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Ms Access Tab Control (3)
Ms Access Tab Control (3)

9. How do I change the name of a tab on a form in Access? Change the view to Form view to test the Tab Controls.
NOTE: If you already have the Tab Controls that want to be moved, just copy or cut then paste the Tab Controls into the new form.

Aside Form, you can use Tab Control with Reports too. How to create Tab Control into Reports is almost same with creating one in Form. The difference is in how to create the subreport to the tab. To add the subreport, click one of the tab. Then, input the field from Field List.

Additionally, you can use the VBA code for creating Tab Control, but it might be harder since you need to learn programming skills.

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