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MS Access DB and MDB Viewer Software
MS Access DB and MDB Viewer Software

Access DB Viewer is the software to open or view the Access Database (.accdb or .mdb files) without having Ms. Access installed in your computer or device. Access DB Viewer is application which not come from Ms. Office, which developed from other developers. Access DB Viewer will be useful for some user who cannot buy Ms. Office or its license, does not want to install Access, or for one-time using only. The pricing of Access DB Viewer may be varied based on the developers. Most of them are free, but some are paid.

Some of Good Access Viewer software are:

1. MDB Viewer Plus
It is a lightweight, standalone apps developed by Alex Nolan. Aside for viewing, it allows you to filter and sorting, edit the records and some of Access objects such as SQL query. Since it is only Viewer, it has some limitations such as inability to write VBA Code and may have bugs. However, it still great alternative.

2. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice for Access DB Viewer
Apache OpenOffice for Access DB Viewer

OpenOffice is open source productivity software. One of its feature allows you to open, view, edit and create MDB, as well export and importing without Access. However, you may need ODBC driver to connect the database.

3. LibreOffice
LibreOffice is open source office suite that developed from Apache OpenOffice. However, you may need MS Access Runtime installed. Even through you are able to open and view the database as well edit the records, you cannot modify the objects.

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4. dbTool
dbTool Developed by Northcom. It is another lightweight and free tool for opening, viewing, edit, export, import, or converting the Access Database. Aside Access Database, it can open other MySQL database and conversion between the two databases.

dBTool for Ms Access MDB Viewer
dBTool for Ms Access MDB Viewer


5. AxBase
AxBase is another open source Access DB Viewer software. You can view and edit the Access database, as far to execute SQL queries. It can open SQL Server Database too, so it is possible to export or import the databases between the Access and SQL Server applications. It can even edit over old Access Database file version that cannot be opened by Ms. Access itself.

Those are the 5 Access DB Viewer applications you can use easily.