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Upload and Publish Access Database on SharePoint
Upload and Publish Access Database on SharePoint

This tutorial will guide you to upload and publish microsoft access database on sharePoint. SharePoint is web based application that integrates with Microsoft Office, which designed for document management, storage system, and the online, cloud base for document sharing system.

To export your Access Database into SharePoint, you need to install the SharePoint application and create a site in SharePoint. Next, follow these instructions:
1. Open the database that want to be exported. Make sure the database design is final.
2. Go to Database Tools tab > SharePoint.

Access Database On Sharepoint (1)
Access Database On Sharepoint (1)

3. In the dialog box, select the SharePoint site and click Next.
4. Wait until the exporting process finished. Click finish.
5. Now, open your SharePoint site. In Lists, click the database file name to open it.

Aside for exporting the finished, ready to use Access database, you can create the new Access database inside the SharePoint application.
1. Open the SharePoint Application. Open Actions menu > Open in Microsoft Access.
2. Link the data to the SharePoint site.
3. Create the database: tables, forms, query, etc.
Or, you can create new Access Database to SharePoint via Ms Access:
1. go to File > New and choose Custom web app (2013) or Blank Web Database (2010).
2. Rename the App and in the Web Location, input your SharePoint site.
3. Click Create. Now in the blank database, design it.

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The first tutorial is to export the database, while the second and third are about create new database for SharePoint application. Now, you can link your database into SharePoint application or more specifically, how to import or linking the database from SharePoint to Access database:
1. Go to External Data tab. Click More > SharePoint List.
2. In the dialog box, select a SharePoint site
3. Choose to Import the source data or Link the data source. Hit Next.
4. If you are not logged in, a SharePoint pop up will appear for Login.
5. After you are logged in, a list of database will appear. Tick the checkbox(es) that wanted to be linked or imported.
6. Now, the imported object will appear in Navigation Pane window. Double click to open it.

Access Database On Sharepoint (2)
Access Database On Sharepoint (2)