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MS Access is the most suitable program for you! You can keep your records in an Access database which can be viewed easily using your workstation if you need specific information. If you have no idea about where to start, don’t worry, we have various MS Access examples. In this case, the most suitable for you is Microsoft Access Library management templates database.

Interested to open small library as your business? It’s a good way to share knowledge all over the world, at least, in your environment. However, to run a small library, you don’t only need a collection of books in neat bookshelves. You should also create a good management system regarding your library. There should be specific records for your books, which books are borrowed, and which books left on your bookshelves. All of this information can be found easily if you provide your library with good records system. If you want such simple-but-complete system to records your entire daily “book transaction”.

Microsoft Access Library Book Management Database Templates
Microsoft Access Library Book Management Database Templates

You just have to download our MS Access examples, and then do some adjustment based on your needs. This MS Access example will help you to create Access library database for your library’s daily activities. If previously you don’t have such database, don’t worry, this Access database template will automatically create an Access database for you which can be accessed easily from your workstations. Opening the Access database template, you’ll find a Borrow List in main page. How to track those activities? On the tab above the column, there are several buttons which help you tracking those activities. For example you want to find out what are books returned in specific date, you’ll just have to click the “Return Book” button, and then you’ll easily get detail information regarding the books which have returned on certain date. In case the book is late to return, you can add some fine to your customers. Some small fines can help you to build discipline for your customers. You can also find detail information regarding your customer by using this Access library customer membership database. But first of all, you have to register all your customers by using “Member Registration” button. Your records will be displayed in main page. There are some columns to record library’s activities there, such as “Borrow ID”, “Member Name”, “Book Title”, “Borrow Date”, “Return Date”, and “Status”. This form will make sure you can monitor all your library’s daily activities. Those data will be stored in your Access database and you can call the specific data needed using your workstations.

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This access database template will help you to spread knowledge to your neighborhood. More than business, you can also develop your communities by sharing your book collection to people in your environment.

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