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Microsoft Access Database Size Limit Explanation
Microsoft Access Database Size Limit Explanation

The discussion today will explain about Access Database Size Limit. Despite the reliability, Access do has limitation for saving the tables and data.

An Access database in both .mdb and .accdb extension has maximum file size in 2 GB. Exceeding the file size limit will cause errors. The Access file will be corrupted, even using Compact and Repair feature probably will not repair the database.


Access Database Size Limit
Access Database Size Limit Error


Aside of the limitation in the file size, you can see the list of other limitations:

Total number of objects in a database 32,768
Number of modules 1,000
Number of concurrent users 255
Number of open tables 2,048
Table size 2 gigabyte minus other objects
Number of indexes in a table 32 including indexes created internally to maintain table relationships, single-field and composite indexes.
Number of enforced relationships 32 per table, minus the number of indexes that are on the table for fields or combinations of fields that are not involved in relationships
Recordset size 1 gigabyte
Number of characters in an SQL statement Approximately 64,000
Number of printed pages in a report 65,536
Number of controls and sections that you can add over the lifetime of the form or report 754
Number of characters in an SQL statement that serves as the Recordsource or Rowsource property of a form, report, or control. 32,750
Number of actions in a macro 999
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There is no way to overcome the limitation. However, do not too worry because 2 GB of database is totally huge and could stores a million records or thousands of database objects.

However, if you still thinking that 2GB is still is not enough, you can do one of these tricks:

  1. Separate the database. You can separate it periodically or categorize the database based on the organization functions. Advantage:
  • More organized and easy to search.
  • Faster to back up and maintenance because take more little time to load the data
  • Easier to share

You can separate the database by splitting the database or create a database template.

Access Database Size Limitation
Access Database Size Limitation


  1. Link the Access database to server or other program. With this method, the data is stored in server, while the Access will only simply connect and display the database object and the data records.