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If you already use Access database for many kind of business records in your workstation, you can use one of our MS Access examples which is suitable to create MS Access membership database. After downloading our Access database templates, you can start creating member database in Access.

There’s a great advice which is believed time to time: if you want to be success, you should gather with successful people. This wisdom inspires people to join clubs which suit their field and professional work. Creating and maintaining precious reputable club become a new business. The birds of the same feather flock together. Many people want to gather close with similar type of people. So this kind of business can be profitable for you. Managing this kind of club needs a lot of efforts. You need a comprehensive records system to maintain the membership information and also payment records.

Opening the template will bring you into Forms switchboard which provides several options such as “Enter/View Members”, “Enter/View Other Information”, “Preview Reports..”, and “Exit”. Clicking “Enter/View Members” in this MS Access example will bring you a form to input all your members. This form provides a complete information about your member, so you can find a detail information needed.


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Membership Tracking Access Database
Membership Tracking Access Database

The record includes Member dues, Amount paid, and Amount due which would be useful to track your profit from this club. All members information will be saved into Access database, easily tracked or searched. The form also includes some buttons, which are “Committees”, “Payments”, “Preview Invoice”, and “Dial” which are useful to manage the membership payment regarding the person. Return to the Main-board, clicking on “Enter/View Other Information” will give you detailed filter to search information faster and easier regarding your members and their payments. You can also preview information whether the person considered as special member or committee for certain event. It will make you easier in managing specific event in your club. “Preview Report” button will make you easily preview various report such as invoice report, member listing, committee members, listing by membership type, and outstanding balances. A preview report will make you easier seeing at a glance specific information. In case you need an accurate information regarding your club’s balance report, you just have to click the option, and then you’ll get that report, complete with your members name, ID, and amount paid for your club’s membership. This Access database template also provides you way to filter all information needed through left panel on the main screen. You can search object needed and also display specific object to find information faster regarding your customers/members. All of this information will be safely stored in your Access database, which you can access anytime through devices you used.

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This Access database template surely useful if you struggle creating an Access customer database. This MS Access example also give you chance to do various customization based on your need. You just have to focus more on your effort to maintain other aspects of your club, to make it grow and bigger. You don’t have to put a lot of energy in administration thing. Just use this MS Access example, then you’ll good to go.

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