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Employee Training Plan Template for Microsoft Access
Employee Training Plan Template for Microsoft Access

Employee training plan template is really useful in managing your employee training as well tracking the training records. This Microsoft access templates consists of employee training course, employee training records, and training reports sections. Let’s open it one by one:


Employee Training Courses

If you familiar enough with database and mostly ER Diagram, you will realize this is the master form. To make it simple, this menu is for making the new kind of course for your staff training and development plan template.
In employee training plan template, the Course ID represent the primary key. The Course Name and Course Description are literally for name and description. Validity is the length of the courses in month(s), which will be automatically summed in the next menu as training schedule template. Course cost is literally the cost of the course, but please note that it is the training cost for each people.

employee training plan template
employee training plan template

Course Type is the method of the course, which could be workshop, personal training, and many more. In the employee training plan template, there is only 2 types of course. You can add a new type by click the drop down menu. You may realize a small icon at the bottom of the options (highlighted in red circle). Click the icon and a new dialog will popped-out. You can type some new course types at once, separated by Enter. You can set the default value too.

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Employee Training Records

The second menu of this employee training plan template is the records for training. The header is set for the employee detail, like names, email address, birthday, and date employed. Please note the date employed is the date when the employee is hired to the company, not confused with the date when the training started. This is individual employee training plan template, meaning that it is set for each employee, which may participate one or more training.
The lower body is to set up the training plan. The ‘Course Description’ is actually the ‘Course Title’ in previous menu. The Cost and the Type are automatically added. Even through it is possible to change the amount and value in both fields, it’s not recommended because it would change the value in the Course Master, which will affect the other records as well.

employee training records
employee training records

Next from this employee training plan template access, the Date Taken is the actual date of the training started. The Expiry Date will automatically be added from the summary of Date Taken with Validity from Courses menu. After you fill the times, you can choose the final result of the training. Like Course Type in Courses menu, you may add another option with the same steps.

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Employee Training Reports

The last one is the reports from the employee training plan template records. It shows us the courses taken from each employee. You can see course details printed on the Reports such as Course Description, Course Date, Course Result, and Course Cost.


Review Summary of Employee Training Plan Template
Aside for employee, you can use it as another training plan template. Example as record for student development program or workshop program for club member. To getting started, you have to create a training course. Then set up the employee details in the next menu. Lastly, add the training records. Simple, right? This employee training plan template is free to download at
Download Employee Training Plan Template for Microsoft Access

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