Drivers Log Book Template and Sample for Microsoft Access

Drivers log book is simple access application for calculated and record your mileage log. This template is perfect if you run online transportation’s service, or you run a car and driver rental. This Microsoft access application simply measure and records drivers trip log. It is really good in tracking your rides, as well managing your time.


Cars Details in Log Book

Before we enter the main feature in this mileage log app, let’s look around in Cars menu. This is the master menu. The Make field is the brand of the car you own (and drive). Then, fill the car’s model, year of the car released, and its license number. The Location of Car field is optional; it’s up to you for fill it or just let it blank.

Drivers Log book

Drivers Log book

It is suggested to fill the License Number, since it is the field with most unique value, which differentiate the cars with the same manufacturer and model. This menu is may be called ‘Cars’, but it not limited for car only. You can fill another vehicle such as motorcycle. And note that this mileage log template for self employed too, as well for personal use.

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Drivers Details in Log Book

This is the main feature of this mileage log book template. The header is the driver’s ID, name and contacts. The lower part is for recording your vehicle mileage log book. Trip ID field is auto-generated. The Car ID is taken from Make, Model, and License Number in Cars menu. Take off Point is the location where the trip started, while the destination is the point you drop off your passenger. Then, fill the Start and End Date/Time and please be careful with the AM and PM. Next is The Start and End of Mileages, which are the total of vehicle’s mileage since the Start time to End time.

mileage log book

mileage log book

Before we close the main menu of trip log template, I want to inform you that there is one more feature called Fuel Receipt, which is exclusive only for member. It not shown in picture above, but it would appear in Report menu. Basically, it is the field for recording your fuel receipt number.

Drivers Log Reports

The last menu is Reports, like usual templates. Upon clicking, you have to select the only option: Driver Trips Report before you hit the Preview button. You can see the preview in the picture below. It show the duration of the trip (per days), and the Total Mileage. Since the Fuel Receipt is limited for member only, it will just gone blank if you download the non-member version of vehicle mileage log template. It will automatically calculated the total duration days and total mileage reached from all cars.

drivers log book template

drivers log book template


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Review Summary of Drivers Log Book Template and Sample

This mileage log is really recommended for you, online transportation driver! First, you have to input your cars or vehicles for your business. Then in the next menu, fill the driver detail fields in the header. The lower part is for the trip log records, with limitation in some feature for nonmember. In the reports form, you may see the summary of the driver and trip records. You can download the full version of mileage log in
Download Drivers Log Book Template and Sample for Microsoft Access

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