Fri. May 17th, 2024
Contact Management System Database for Microsoft Access Software
Contact Management System Database for Microsoft Access Software

Contact database is an access database template designed in order to provide a well – ordered contact management system. Contact database is free contact management software which is aimed to help users to increase the effectiveness of working. The software can be applied in various areas include small businesses, personal use, non – profit organization as well as student use. By using the software, the problems that people often face all this time in implementing contact management system can be minimized. This database template is for Microsoft Access. Interestingly, the users not only can apply it to on Microsoft Access 2016, but also the one with 2013 series. This means that those who do not have updated program of Microsoft Access can still use the software on their computer.


Things Offered by the Software


There are a lot of things offered by this contact database. With the software, both company and personal contact management can be better arranged. This contact management app will make all the operation system relates to contact management can be done in much simpler way. All the users need to do with this contact management software in order to check the data they have on their computer is by clicking the button displayed. Once the button is clicked, the data will be automatically connected to the certain form based on your preference. So, when the contact data is accessed, the software will instantly open the form of contact list chosen. This personal contact management software also comes with formatted search engine.

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To find out the contact data that they want to see, the users only need to type on the computer and then click the search button available on the contact management. The program will automatically guide the users to find the data they need easily. Moreover, to make the searching process of data becomes much easier, the users can also search the table simply by suggestion. This makes the searching process in the contact management can be done quicker in relatively short time. There is also report segment offered by the software in which the contact database will pop up in more organized form once the users access it. This will make it possible for the users to have contact management with fine appearance. The well – arranged contact management also aimed to avoid you get confused when you are seeing the arrangement.



Overall this contact management application for Microsoft Access makes the organization of the contact data becomes much easier and effective. Download This Database Now