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Access Database Multiple Users Split and Share
Access Database Multiple Users Split and Share

Access Database Multiple Users Split or Share Function – Because it is part of Ms. Office Products which is offline in usage, many people thought that Access cannot handle multiple users for one database. To have multiple users in one database, you must learn how to share or split your database to multiple users. Before trying any of these sharing method, always Back Up your database first.

#1: Split Database
This is the most popular method in using Access Database for multiple users. The database is separated into 2 types: back-end file (data tables) and a front-end file (data application such as queries, forms, and reports). Every user from shared workplace will have the front-end database in their computer, while the back-end is shared in SQL Server or other sharing sites.
To split database, follow this instruction:
a. Open the database that going to be separated, make sure that all of the active database object closed.
b. On Database Tools tab > Move Data group > click Access Database.

Access Database Multiple Users (1)
Access Database Multiple Users (1)


c. Database Splitter dialog box will appear. Click Split Database.
d. Locate the saving folder for the split database. The new split database will be the backend database. Then, click Split.
e. Wait until the process is done. After it finished, test the split database by open it.

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Record Locking
Record Locking is not sharing method, because its function is to prevent multiple users from editing the same record at the same time which can prevent networking or data errors. To set Record Locking, look at these steps:
1. On File menu > click Options.
2. In the dialog box, click Client Settings tab.
3. Under Advance, set:
• Default Open Mode: Shared
• Default record locking: Edited Record

Access Database Multiple Users (2)
Access Database Multiple Users (2)


#2: Share via SharePoint sites
SharePoint sites is web based application designed for document management, storage system, and the online, cloud base for document sharing system. SharePoint sites run Access database like Web Based application.
To create SharePoint sites, follow these:
1. On Database Tools tab > click SharePoint
2. Select the SharePoint site and click Next.
3. Wait until the exporting process finished. Click finish.
4. Now, open your SharePoint site. In Lists, click the database file name to open it.

#3: Share using Network folder
Using shared network drive, such as Google Drive. Uploaded database that can be accessed, downloaded, and edited by users. It is least recommended because it may cause trouble if multiple user open and update the database at the same time.