MS Access Export To CSV

Ms Access Export To Csv – This tutorial will cover topic how to export ms access database to excel csv file. CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. It can be used to exported and imported to other program such as Ms Excel, SQL, and other database program. Other advantage of CSV format is the small size that perfect for emailing.

To export the database to CSV format, follow this instruction.

  1. Open the Access file to be exported.
  2. Click on the table or query to export from.
  3. Navigate to External Data tab > Export group > Export to Text File.
Ms Access Export To Csv-1

Ms Access Export To Csv-1


4. An Export Wizard dialog box will appear. Choose a location for the exported CSV. If you need to change the file name, make sure that the new file name ends with .csv extension). Optionally, you can select the options to “Export data with formatting and layout.”

Ms Access Export To Csv-2

Ms Access Export To Csv-2

5. Next, choose one of the 2 export formats:

Delimited: using comma or tab to separate each field

Fixed Width: Fields are aligned in columns with spaces between each field, give it neater look.

NOTE: Delimited is more recommended because it fit the most with other program.

  1. Next, you can edit the separator.
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With Delimited, you can change the separator to other punctuation or symbol such as semicolon, space, or tab.

With Fixed Width, you can modify the column width.

  1. If needed, click Advanced button. You can change the language and specify the Code Page to meet with other program requirement. You can change the Date display too.
  2. Next, make sure that the file name is right. Then, click finish button.
  3. Wait until the process is finished. Then, locate the file and open it. If done right, it should be like this sample:
Ms Access Export To Csv-3

Ms Access Export To Csv-3

NOTE: remember to always back up your database before doing any changes.


Aside with Export Wizard, you can do it with VBA code too. The syntax for Export to CSV in VBA code:

DoCmd.TransferText [TransferType], [Specification Name], [Table Name], [Path]


DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, “Standard Output”, _

“Member”, “C:TxtfilesMember.csv”


Those are the ways to export Access database into CSV. Good luck with exporting.


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